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Consent to Disclosure of Tax Return Information

Dear Client,

To provide you with the best service and value possible, Rushton, LLC continuously evaluates opportunities to streamline the preparation of your return. One such opportunity involves our use of an offshore data entry/verification service that enables us to complete your return more quickly and cost effectively. By signing and returning this form, you are electing to have us use this service to assist in the preparation of your return. If you would like the consent to be valid for a different period, please indicate so in the space provided below next to the signature line.

If you elect to have us use this service, we will disclose the information you provide us to SurePrep LLC for the sole purpose of preparing your tax return. SurePrep is a U.S. based service bureau and a recognized leader in the field of tax preparation automation. We have a long-standing relationship SurePrep and have evaluated their security procedures and are satisfied they adequately safeguard all information we disclose to them. We have also entered into a non-disclosure agreement with SurePrep which legally establishes their obligation to maintain the privacy of your information. Whether or not this service is used, we remain your tax preparer and take full responsibility for the accuracy of your return and the security of your personal information.

The IRS requires that the general disclosure below be included in any consent form of this type. We are not allowed to alter its text in any way. Nevertheless, much of it does not apply to the consent sought by this form as explained in the footnotes below the disclosure. If you have any questions regarding this form, please do not hesitate to call your Rushton Tax Professional at 770-287-7800.