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Sure, We Want Your Brains -- We Can Put Your Hands and Heart to Good Use, Too.

Rushton  is seeking bright people like you. Eager-to-learn-and-grow people. If you’re skilled, experienced, have a great work ethic and believe in growing the interests of clients as well as communities, Rushton could be a great fit. 

Life and Business in Gainesville, Hall County Georgia

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Welcome to Gainesville and Hall County!

Accounting Firms Near Me, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning and Tax Planning Video IMG 1

As important as your brainpower is, we also need your hands to plant “acorns” for our clients’ future oaks. And if you’ve got a heart to sincerely help – person to person – with clients’ and community needs, bring that with you, as well.

You should know that, of the multitude of CPA firms across the country, Rushton has been voted one of the Best Small Accounting Firms to Work For for several consecutive years.* And our affiliation with CPAmerica International provides all the richness of expertise and wealth of resources any very large firm could offer.

Surely, the fact we’re a great place to work contributes to our steady growth as a company, as we have grown our client base and staff significantly even in tough economic times.

With Rushton, while you’re helping grow companies and communities, we’ll make sure you’re growing a future of your own.

2021 Economic Development Report


Northeast Georgia Lifestyle
Consistently cited as among the best places in the country to live and work, Northeast Georgia has it all: one of the largest recreational lakes in America, some of the most beautiful mountains you’ll ever see, four full seasons, arts and cultural attractions, educational opportunities at every level, moderate cost of living and close proximity to the vast metropolitan offerings of Atlanta.

Gainesville-Hall County, the third-fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, is a “great story to tell” – and a great place to live and work. To learn more, watch the video from Inside Business Report.

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