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Barnett Travels to Japan with local Chamber Team on Business Recruitment Trip

Published Thursday, August 4, 2016

Perry Barnett, Rushton partner and Director of Business Services, was part of a Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce business delegation that visited companies in Japan as part of a weeklong economic development trip during July 2016.

Barnett, who specializes in international business, is chairman-elect of the Greater Hall Chamber in Gainesville. His team of local business leaders visited Japanese companies that have offices in Hall County. They also met with other Japanese firms about business opportunities back in Gainesville-Hall County.

“We met with Japanese business leaders to encourage goodwill and further long-term relationships,” Barnett said. “We were meeting with companies to discuss new capital investment and jobs from both new and existing businesses. Gainesville-Hall County has already benefited from major Japanese businesses and we hope to continue that.”

Japanese companies Kubota, Etori, Shintone, Tatsumi and American Yazaki have made major investments in Hall County. Together, they employ more than 2,000 people in Hall County.

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A business delegation from the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce in Gainesville visited the Kubota Corp. in Osaka, Japan during an economic development trip. Perry Barnett CPA, Rushton, far right, is pictured with (left to right) Hideo Takigawa, General Manager, Kubota Corp.; Tim Evans, Greater Hall Chamber VP Economic Development; David Lee, Jackson EMC; Jimbo Floyd, Turner Wood & Smith Insurance; Harry Yoshida, Executive Officer & General Manager, Kubota Corporation; Brian Daniel, Carroll Daniel Construction; Yumiko Nakazono, State of Georgia Economic Development Office in Japan; and Brian Rochester, Rochester & Associates.

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